jueves, 28 de julio de 2011


final project Mexico

projecto final nivel 5

Here we are doing our display for presentation of final project

Unit 5 In the neighborhood

These are the specification about my neighborhood.

It's a comfortable place, I am very happy with her life. My neighborhood is very quiet, this is not the traffic. There is a park near my house, a church is safe and there are plenty of places where youcan buy your grocerys weekend is very noisy.

Unit 6 Student Life

Applying to and starting college

Steps for Enrollment, Undergraduate Cancel at any authorized banks or at the headquarters of the University follow these steps:
A.- Control Studies:  Submit the following documents: black Fund of title of Bachelor (bring original to confront) Original and photocopy of Notes Certified Baccalaureate 7th to 5th Year
B.-"Form to be registered in the Unified National System of Access to Higher Education (RUSNIES). Photocopy of identity card.  "Original and photocopy of birth certificate. 
"Pre-registration Form.  'Two photos from the front, passport.  "Proof of bank deposit for the payment of the initial period or, as the payment method selected. 
C.-  Remove the registration form and proof of bank deposit. 
D.- In the case of the Chancellor

Unit 6 Student Life

Campus URBE

Rafael Belloso Chacin University
consists of a library for students, seven block where they attendclasses, its rector and offices ..
whatever with a radio station and television
finishing my final project (:(: